Fundraising and donors management platform

SYC (Save Your Contacts) is a multi-year crowd-funding donors management platform that helps you keep track from all your donors and donations.

SYC enables sending automated pre-filled WhatsApp, SMS, Gmail or other emails directly from your teams’ computers or phones. SYC currently supports English, Hebrew and Russian languages.

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Save your contacts allows you to manage multiple-year crowd-funding campaigns, sharing information across your network of askers and allowing you to manage who sees what, and when, so that each asker is able to focus on the job in hand. With easy links to their phone’s calling function, pre-filled WhatsApp, SMS and email messaging, you and your askers will be able to track and feedback information in real time, preventing mistakes and saving hours of post-campaign data-entry. more...

Specifically designed with the Jewish community in mind, Save Your Contacts advanced name recognition will show up duplicates even if these are written in a mix of languages, covering Hebrew, Russian and English, and recognize a variety of spellings for common Jewish names.

Download your data directly to and from major platforms, such as Charidy and CharityXtra, search it by year, result and status, and never lose your information again!

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Advantages of SYC


Full Charidy compatibility with live import and updates
Create users to help you with fundraising
Share only the contacts you want your team to see
Our database engine will help you find duplicates
Many filters and sorting options to help you organize your database
Control your team call statuses
Android app


  2 mo. free


Up to 1.000 contacts in the database and very limited access

Standard - $59.99 $590

Up to 5.000 contacts in the database

Gold - $99.99 $990

Up to 10.000 contacts in the database

Premium - $129.99 $1290

Up to 20.000 contacts in the database

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