Save Your Contacts

A fundraising and donors’ management platform

SYC was founded in 2019 with one goal: to provide a multi-year crowd-funding donors management platform that helps you keep track from all your donors and donations achieving better fundraising and outreach results.

Sharing information across your network of askers and allowing you to manage who sees what, and when, so that each asker is able to focus on the job in hand. With easy links to their phone’s calling function, pre-filled WhatsApp, SMS and email messaging, you and your askers will be able to track and feedback information in real time, preventing mistakes and saving hours of post-campaign data-entry.


To maximize a user-friendly crowdfunding working experience to nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to strengthen their financial capacity.


To make SYC the donors management platform for ALL nonprofits, regardless of size or budget.


Moshe Fhima

Moshe Fhima is not new to the field of fundraising with 25 years hands on experience in the fundraising profession. He has personally managed numerous crowdfunding events for his own organizations and through listening to the feedback of our partners and volunteers he learnt the needs and problems that are needed during and after these events.

Since 2000, he’s been managing and running various educational and commercial companies in various fields.

Operation manager

Pinchas Martsynkevich

Pinchas Martsynkevich has over 10 years of experience in managing various IT and organizational projects. Working hand in hand with hundreds of volunteers during the crowdfunding events he has been able to understand the software lacking for the managing of these events.

Head of technical team

Artyom Rizhenkov

Artyom has 9 years of experience working as a developer, full stack engineer as well as working as a consultant in the field of Internet projects. Experienced in PHP, JS, CSS, Laravel, NodeJS and Vue.

During his career he has developed tens of startups and apps projects including real-time data transfer, automation in customer interaction, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts on the blockchain.

Our values







SYC was built and run by the Yad Yisroel family. After 5 years of running crowdfunding events for our own organizations we learnt through our partners and volunteers the needs and problems that arose during these events.

Features and services, and the business model are predicated on Moshe Fhima’s vision for a level playing field in fundraising – Accessible, accurate, and easy to navigate information and best-in-class customer support. We are committed to excellence in the crowdfunding fundraising industry offering integrations, partnerships and classes to keep you ahead of the game.

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